Mount Abu is a hill station in Rajasthan close to Gujarat Border. It is surrounded by forest and hence it has pretty cool weather, Mount Abu has known popularly as Abu has a lot to offer and there are really good sightseeing points. Here is sneak peek of places to visit in Mount Abu

How to reach Mount Abu?

Well, there are multiple ways to reach Abu but the best possible way would be booking a bus ticket for Abu from Mumbai. If you are in Delhi, I would suggest take a train from New Delhi and hop off on Jodhpur and take a bus from there.

From Mumbai, it will be a 12 Hour Transit and same is from Delhi as well if you come by Road. Alternate you can also take a private cab but it would be a bit expensive and not recommended for a backpacking trip. You can use a red bus to book tickets.

Mount Abu is also well connected by Indian Railways and you can book train tickets as well which can reduce your journey by 3 hours. To book train tickets you can download the IRCTC app which is an official app of Indian Railways.

Where to stay in Mount Abu?

If you are a solo backpacker then I would suggest booking a hostel. A lot of hostels are available near Nakki Lake. Here are 2 hostels that you can go to.

  • Akshay Guest House
  • Great India Hotel

If you are looking for a moderate budget then i would suggest Hotel Mount Regency. It is opposite of the HP Petrol Pump and i would suggest that is the best option in Mount Abu Personally.

Other Hotels under $50 per day

  • Hotel Silver Oak
  • Hotel Banjara
  • Hotel Yorkshire

Below are the places to visit in Mount Abu for 4 days including transit

Nakki Lake

It is one of the oldest and famous lakes which is a major attraction of tourist. People spend 30 mins to 1 hour and couples opt for boating to explore the lake.

Entry Fee: Free

Dilwara Temples

One of the oldest temples made of complete marble and the history of the temple is just astonishing. It is a complex of 5 temples and each temple has its unique design and all the design were hand carved during 11th century. It is Jain Temple and you need to follow a decent attire with shoulders covered and legs covered below the knee.

Entry Fee : Free

Toad Rock

It is a rock in the form of Toad and gives you great view of Nakki Lake

Entry Fee : Free

Trevor’s Tank

It is a reservoir surrounded by a forest and also has a crocodile park. You will actually see crocodile resting and sunbathing.

Entry Fee :
Adult (Foreign): Rs. 100/-
Car Parking: Rs.50/-

Love Mountain (Sunset Point)

A picturesque point for clicking photos. You will normally find couple here clicking some cozy photos

Entry Fee : Free

Guru Shikhar

Its a temple which is on a peak at an height of 1722 m . You would have to climb about somewhere around 500-700 steps and then you would reach the temple. Once you reach on the top the view is all worth. There is also a saying that if you ring the bell on the top your wishes come true.

Entry Fee : Free

Achalgarh Fort

It is a fort which was built by Paramara Dynasty. The fort has a temple of Shiva. It is about 11 KMS north of Mount Abu, the fort has some good historical seeings and religious importance.

Entry Fee : Free

Brahmakuri’s Peace Park

If you are into spiritual thing then this is the place to be visited for sure. You would see many plant species, plus experience spiritual teachings.

Entry Fee : Free

Ambaji Temple

Geographically it comes under the state of Gujarat but it is just 1-hour drive from Mount Abu and Indian’s do visit this temple. Its the temple of Goddess Amba and has a flame burning on the top of the peak which can be reached using ropeway.

Entry Fee: Free

Ropeway: INR 97/-

Rabbit Farm

A rabbit farm owned by a local resident in Mount Abu allows the visitor to have a gaze at the Rabbits. A place worth visiting and capturing rabbits closely under your camera

Entry Fee: Free


Places to eat in Mount Abu

Mount Abu has very good street food and i would suggest to try them. Being a tourist you should try Dal Bhatti and Malpua(Form of Desert made in Ghee)

Here is the list of restaurants you should definitely try in Mount Abu

Mulberry Restaurant

A very cosy restaurant to have some good food and also premium liquor


Jaipur Palace

A place is known for red meat. You should definitely go and have this lovely dish. Hot, Spicy and Yummy.

Abu Chat Junction

You can have all kind of fast food ranging from Maggi’s to Malpua’s. Go there and build up the calories. Mount Abu is a paradise for foodies

Mount Abu has been overlooked by tourists but it is worth a visit as it has so many beautiful places to visit in Mount Abu. Hope you had great info about places to visit in Mount Abu. Leave me a comment which place you would like me to cover.

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